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Themed Hikes

Monday: Herbs hiking tour

The certified herbs teacher and hiking guide Veronika Walch introduces you to the exciting world of Lecher mountain herbs. With her by your side, you‘ll experience nature with all your senses, wander across meadows and learn about herbs and plants with healing power. Many herbs that conceal genuine secrets grow in the wonderful setting of the Lech mountains. During the herb hike, Veronika Walch tells stories about and talks about customs surrounding the herbs, about the effect of herbs and how to use them.

Tuesday: Adventure „The Green Ring“

Join Barbara Lankmayer on an adventure tour along the Green Ring. The trained hiking guide will take you on an exploration tour around Lech and tell you many exciting stories about the predominant fauna and flora. Especially exciting: The art object “The Door” at the Green Ring is still only open this summer - you shouldn’t miss it!

Saturday: Bee Hike

Have you always wanted to know how the nectar of plants becomes the “food of the gods”? A journey into the world of bees shows why this natural product is good for body and soul not only because of its sweet taste but also because of its healing effect. During the hike you will learn a lot about the secret life of bee colonies and beekeepers.

Wednesday: The geopath excursion

Today‘s alpine landscape was once the home of mussels and primitive squid-like creatures. What once rested under deep blue water rose up onto the imposing peak that towered over a massive sheet of ice. So the Geological Circuit invites you on a fantastic journey – as you pass „stonelike witnesses“ on the way through the millenia. Discover the secrets of a world that gives us a peek into different dimensions of time. Walk through a grandiose alpine „stone garden“ in which magnificent flowers and herbs create fascinating contrasts to the rock and in which the Monzabon Lake is embedded like a sparkling diamond.

Meeting point for the herbs hiking tour & the geopath excursion, bee hike, Exploration tour Oberlech

Meeting point:
09:45 am at Rüfikopf cable car valley station 
about 3 hours, June 23rd – October 4th 2020
The day before until 4:00 pm here online or at adventure@lechzuers.com or by telephone +43 (5583) 2161-0 

Meeting point for the "Adventure the Green Ring"
Meeting point: 09:45 am at the tourism office
about 6hours, June 23rd – October 4th 2020
The day before until 4:00 pm here online or at adventure@lechzuers.com or by telephone +43 (5583) 2161-0 

Friday: Exploration tour Oberlech

Dive into the exciting world of Oberlech and get to know the nature reserve of 1000 gypsum holes. Explore the catacombs of Oberlech and discover the last Gormley.

Included: The walk-in art installation „Skyspace“ by James Turrell. Art, culture and natural jewels on the mountain combine in this unique hike.

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