Lech Card Service


Experience Lech from a new perspective as locals introduce you to the true meaning of “More time. More space.”

In special times like these, we reflect on the essentials: Nature and the incredible power it gives us day after day. Lech Zürs is more than just an attitude towards life, it’s a place of longing and a source of inspiration. With a variety of activities designed to recharge your spirits, Lech locals invite you to get in touch with all that this special place has to offer. 

Chateau Madloch - Lech spring water hike with Stefan Krebs

During a soothing three-hour hike visiting countless springs, waterfalls and moors, guests will learn plenty of interesting facts about Lech’s spring water, which is lovingly referred to by locals as "Chateau Madloch."

During the hike, the positive health aspects of water and the secrets of "waterfall plasma" (water containing anions) [DS-C1] are also highlighted. At the end of the hike, a relaxing foot bath rounds off the experience.

Bike & Hike with Vinzenz Wingelmayr

The Arlberg region offers perfect conditions for the combination of "Bike & Hike". By E-bike you cycle to the starting point of your hike and then continue on foot to your destination. Whether it is the Zugertal, Oberlech or Zürs - all parts of the region are easily accessible by E-bike. From there, easy to demanding hikes and mountain tours, accompanied by breathtaking scenery, are awaiting you. And the best thing about it: after a tiring mountain tour, your E-bike is already waiting for you halfway along the route, so you can get back to your starting point very comfortably. With "Bike & Hike" you can get to places more easily and quickly that might have been hidden from you until now.

Pilates on the mountain with Uli Alber

A platform in the midst of flower meadows at Petersboden is the setting for an inspirational journey of a very special kind. Uli Alber shows you Pilates. It combines exercises to improve coordination, fitness and concentration. The muscles are simultaneously relaxed, trained and stretched using special breathing rhythms. Especially the muscles of the back and the stomach benefit from the overall Pilates training. This corrects incorrect posture and movement sequences and relieves the spine. Mobility is maintained and back pain has no chance.

Mats for Pilates can be rented from Lech Zürs Tourismus.

In bad weather, the program takes place at sport.park.lech.

Yoga on the mountain with Marilena Walch

While the first rays of sunlight carefully illuminate the mountain peaks in the east, the Petersboden cable car will take you, along with Marilena Walch, to the platform in the midst of flower meadows at Petersboden. The morning dew still sparkles on the meadow and you practice dynamic, powerful but also calming yoga exercises with our expert Marilena in the middle of the impressive mountain scenery of Lech. Yoga promotes endurance, improves concentration and strengthens body and mind.

Mats for yoga can be rented from Lech Zürs Tourism.

In case of bad weather the program takes place at sport.park.lech.

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The power of Lech’s mountain forest with Carolin Feigenspan / Stefan Krebs

Join hiking guide Carolin on a journey of discovery in the mountain forests of Lech.

During a forest excursion, the ‘Biophilia Effect’ lessens stress hormones and reduces blood pressure. "Shinrin-Yoku" (forest bathing) at 1530m above sea level allows you to gather new strength for everyday life.

Tasting Lech - the healthy natural cuisine with Thorsten Probost

The award-winning chef Thorsten Probost has improved his cooking over the many years in the Arlberg region with the help of the natural treasures of Lech. Cooking is done according to the motto "What we don't have, we won't necessarily need". His philosophy is now being imitated by many: "Architected by nature". Nature is the architect of our kitchen in the mountains. For Thorsten, living in harmony with it means: Enjoying. Without summer there is no winter for us. We can only feel the power of nature in winter, because in summer we treat our nature carefully through alpine farming. Together with Thorsten Probost you will discover, explore, experience and taste the Lech mountain summer.

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Sunset Yoga with Marilena Walch

After a beautiful summer day, Marilena will guide you into the evening with a special yoga class. 

Location and meeting point to be announced. 

Sunrise hike Mohnenfluh (2.542m) with Martin Murr

The sun rises higher and higher on the horizon and displaces the darkness from minute to minute. The deep blue is overshadowed by warm yellow, orange and red tones. And suddenly the first rays of sunshine flash out from behind the mountain peaks and you feel the warmth all over your body. For many, one of the most beautiful mountain experiences: A moment for eternity, the sunrise on the Mohnenfluh (2,542m). For this unique experience, you need warm clothing, surefootedness with sturdy shoes and profile and warm, tasty drinks and snacks.

The new exhibition "Skifashion" - more information coming soon. 

Meeting point: 08:45 a.m., Rüfiplatz
2-3 hours, 05.07.-12.09.2021

Mats for Pilates and Yoga can be rented from Lech Zürs Tourismus.

Number of participants: max. 9 persons
In each case the day before until 17:00 o`clock on the website or under Tel: +43 (5583) 2161-0