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E-Bike Tour in Lech

Thursday: E-bike Tour

Explore the beautiful natural landscape of Lech with our bike guides. One week you go towards lake Spullersee, another week towards Warth. With the help of modern e-bikes you can train your body and protect your joints at the same time. So there is more strength, to enjoy nature and the unique trails.

Depending on the ability of the participants and the weather conditions, an alternative tour is possible.

The number of participants is limited to 9!

Meeting point: 9:45 am, Rüfiplatz

Duration: about 4 hours, June 26th–September 4th 2020

Distance: about 23.6 km

Due to safety reasons, participation is limited to 7 persons.

Die MyLechCard ist derzeit leider nicht erhältlich, daher ist die Anmeldung zu den Aktivitäten auf dem Wochenprogramm im Moment nicht möglich.